Wednesday, 3 August 2016

            I decided to revamp my website, one of the things I wanted to do was change my blogs name form Dead man ranting to something else but unfortunately I'm stuck for a name, I will eventually get one.
            I hope to be 67 this year and one of the things from watching too much news is that the world is worse than I can ever remember it, there are more refugees now than there were in world war 2, We have them camped on the borders of Europe in appalling conditions. I am against the bombing of Syria as I thought the billions spent could of helped refugees.
          The violence in the world seems to be every where, we are waiting it appears for it to happen here according to the Police.
Wars seem to be in nearly every continent, it is politicians who make war, it is the populace who suffer them.
I have always believed that anyone can be a politician you don't need to be bright as the majority of them prove, we've had one who lied to take us into a war, and one who managed to take us out of Europe, still it could be worse we could have Trump and Clinton.

          I do watch a lot of news and I have come to the conclusion that most of the news channels are poor to rubbish, Poor is how I rate the BBC, I think that the license should be abolished as I am fed up with the adverts for there own programmes and the quality of content, to many times it looks like there filling time. Today they discovered a report about the drop in house buying in our major cities, they wheeled out the talking heads who sprouted on. I thought anybody would know why this was but they are like our MP's not a clue about our world. We all know who the majority of staff at the BBC voted and it obviously wasn't labour.
Rubbish is Sky news, how can you take news seriously when for instance you've been watching a piece of news when the next thing you see is Gala bingo or Skybet,

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