Tuesday, 8 December 2015

I had a couple of deep thoughts this week, I think its because I will be 66 this weekend. I never expected to reach 66, a few years ago I would have bet against it. I thought that last year was tough but this year has been horrendous, there as been several occasions when I didn't think I would  see tomorrow. I have a lot of people who have kept me going, Jane who has talked to Doctors and consultants and called ambulances when necessary and kept putting a thermometer in my ear.
The credit must also go to our wonderful NHS, the consultants, doctors, nurses, specialist nurses, sisters, surgeons, anaesthetists, district nurses, hospital drivers, porters, and everyone at the RUH ,  thank you to you all.

I am appalled that this government are cutting grants to trainee nurses and substituting loans, I know nurses don't do it for the money now they will start nursing in debt, definitely a good way to encourage people to go into nursing.

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