Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Its well past the time I updated my blog, I have been feeling guilty about it. I always seem to write when I'm reasonably well.
It has been a nightmare six months, It started in September with another Chest infection which wouldn't shift in the end the respiratory consultant decided that it was something else that was stopping it from getting better. Saw my oncologist mid December, his first words were you look ill Philip. Sent me for a CT scan and came back to see him a week before Christmas, we saw him last and were with him for an hour, the CT scan showed my spleen was three times its normal size so after a long discussion we decided even though I had a chest infection they would start chemo as soon as possible, so a week before Christmas I was in The RUH having chemo, this took 4 days as an inpatient.
So home for Christmas , back into hospital 2nd January for a week, home for a week back in hospital for another week, home on a Tuesday back in the next day for more chemo. most of the next 3 lots of chemo went reasonably well, laid me up for varying degrees of time, district nurses in on a daily basis for a week giving jabs in my stomach.
Had the fifth lot of chemo which finished on a Friday, Saturday didn't feel too bad, early Sunday morning woke with the most painful stomach, I have never felt pain like that, I could not sleep or do anything, I spent most of the night pacing round the house.
In the end I woke Jane and she called an ambulance, into the RUH again, loads of morphine for the pain, had a scan, it appears I had gall stones and an infection in gall bladder, 4 days of antibiotics and sent home, a week later back in with the same problem. They would like to remove gall bladder but owing to chemo it was to risky, they decided to insert tube into gall bladder to remove the rubbish which stayed in for a ten days.
Went back to have tube removed and saw surgeon she said to only eat low fat foods, she is not keen on performing surgery on me, so we have an appointment to see her in July when we will make the final decision, seeing oncologist next week to see whether we have to have the 6th lot of chemo, hopefully not.  

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