Monday, 21 April 2014

It's been an horrendous 12 months, most of it fighting a chest infection I have taken so many antibiotics that my consultant was worried I could get antibiotic poisoning .
Early this year they took loads of samples and did tests and X-ray and decided I had a member of the TB family. They then decided to give me a fortnight course of intravenous antibiotics to clear any other infections I might have. The plan was for a line to be placed in my arm and Frome hospital would connect me up daily, unfortunately we have a multi million pound hospital in Frome but it couldn't do it as it did not have any available. As this was happening I was admitted to the RUH for being anaemic , 4 units of blood, 5 days in hospital and the start of the intravenous antibiotics, and then ten days travelling to Bath every day to complete the course.
I have also had some surgery on my nose and cheek, not fun.
To cure the chest thing it's a two year course of antibiotics and a week ago that's what they were going to do, late last week my Dr. rang to say that it wouldn't happen as I was going to need more chemo soon and the two aren't comparable. Watch this space.

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